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Ft. Knox, Kentucky, is my birthplace. It's also the home of the U.S. Gold Reserves, so it's a crying shame that I left there without any. 


Other than summer jobs as a teenager, I have always been in business for myself. I have owned businesses that included: residential and commercial construction; brokering and trading commodities; owning and operating multiple insurance agencies; horse breeding, syndicating, training and racing; dog breeding and field trialing; owning and operating multiple gyms; owning and operating oil wells; brokering, researching title and consulting (regarding the buying and selling of oil and gas properties); as well as brokering and facilitating international fuel purchases. 


I have traveled extensively outside the continental United States including Switzerland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Belize, Caribbean Islands, Alaska and Hawaii. 


I am happily married with four adult children, each successful in their own right. 


My wife and I served in the ministry by founding, building and operating a children's home.


I authored my first book, American Entrepreneur: an autobiography, at the urging of family and friends. It inspired me to write my second book, Life Begins at Sunrise: An Inspiring Story of Love, God, Bird Dogs, Walking Horses and Field Trials. My third book is, The Legend of Jake Jackson: The Last of the Great Gunfighters and Comanche Warriors. I just completed my fourth book, The Blood Warrior Trilogy: The Revenge of the Timber Wolf.

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