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Books by William H. Joiner, Jr.



Don't Let THE MAN Keep You Down: How To Start & Operate Your Own Business


Are you fed up with bad bosses, low pay and no recognition for your achievements? Get out from under The Man’s heel and let William Joiner show you how to get a leg up in your own business!

You’ll learn:

  • How—and why—to write a business plan

  • How to raise start-up money

  • How to protect your assets

  • How to find your top salesperson

  • How to increase sales

Most of all, you’ll learn whether owning a business is right for you in the first place—before you invest a cent.

Joiner has founded and operated numerous businesses, and he shares his 45+ years of experiences—good and bad—to help you achieve success as an independent entrepreneur!



Life Begins at Sunrise


Vane Carson was a good-looking young man with a hard edge and a soft heart. Follow his adventures as he leaves college for the chance to train bird dogs. From apprentice to partner, he masters the business and learns what it takes to be a man, all through the excitement of field trials. Vane’s quest to overcome betrayals and anger is a mythic story of inspiration as he finds true love—and God’s forgiveness—through the touch of an honest young woman.


Recollections: Gunsmoke, Wildcats & The Day I Whooped The TV Preacher

Short stories from a life lived on the edge.



The J0urney of Blood Warrior

This book is a revision of The Blood Warrior Trilogy: The Revenge of the Timber Wolf. The Journey of Blood Warrior is more suitable for younger readers.

Experience the thrilling and harsh wilderness life through the eyes of timber wolves Thunder, Shadow, Tasha and Blood Warrior—the most legendary wolf of them all—as they strive to protect their family of pups and the honor of the pack. Being hunter and hunted is natural, but when viciousness and cruelty invade the natural order, a price must be paid. And when predator fights predator, it’s always a battle to the death.



It's Not Your Fault! True Stories of Abused Women

When William Joiner was asked to write the true story of an abused woman, he put out a call for the personal experiences of other women who had suffered abuse. Stunned by the vast, gut-wrenching responses, he vowed to write this broader account of their stories, in order to give hope, courage and resources to women in need.
90% of the net profits from this book will be donated to organizations which help abused women.



What My Dog Means To Me: Real People And The Dogs Who Own Them

Maybe it's no accident that "dog" is "God" spelled backwards. Dogs offer unconditional love, usually much more than we deserve, and all we have to do is accept the gift. Dogs don't care if we're rich, smart, or popular. They care only that we get through this life reassured that love is out there for each of us.

If you've ever owned a dog, you'll relate to these true stories contributed by real-life dog owners, each recounting a special canine bond. In tough and troubled times, it's often the family dog that holds our lives together.


Best Short Stories: Vol. 1

The best of William Joiner's short stories



American Entrepreneur: An autobiography of William Henry Joiner, Jr.

American Entrepreneur follows the amazing life of Bill Joiner, a true self-made businessman in the best American tradition. From wild early days in Texas to a life of service to God and his church, Joiner blazes his own path through hunting, sports, adventure and his love of life.

Joiner’s say-yes, can-do attitude leads to adventures across the United States, Japan and Europe. He creates businesses from home construction to insurance to oil, and each contributes lessons through the ups and downs of fortune as he develops his personal moral compass.

Throughout all, God’s love and guidance keep him on a path of service, just as his love for his own children is rewarded through his pride in their successes.


Running With Horses: A Story of Love and Murder


"When Chopper felt the time was right, he shrilly ordered his men, “Kill him!” The guns all banged at once and gun smoke clouded the air. Bullets zinged towards Buck like a swarm of deadly hornets." Luck and fast women came to Buck Morgan like he was born into it. So did trouble. The most evil men — and the most beautiful women — conspire to crush Buck as he faces the rich and the cruel. Is courage enough to triumph over all this evil? Is this kind of evil too much for even God to handle?


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